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 Download Full Speed (XP, Vista, Win7), (IE8 - soon)


 Mirror 1 - Full Speed v3.6 (100% Free)  

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Some Testimonials
"Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx
 IT WORKED. My broadband speed accelerated as if I have upgraded my 256 kbps modem to 1 mbps modem. Really GREAT PRODUCT!!!! Thank You Once Again"
Rahul. Spain
"For several years I spent a lot of money to buy softwares to accelerate my internet connection but I wasn't very happy of the results. Now I find your Full Speed and it is amazing, I've never seen anything like that !" E. Gerard, France
"Thanks for the great support and the awesome software. It really enhanced the speed for my P.C especially when I'm using my laptop connect aircard"  R.Garner TX. USA
"Excellent! I didn't expect such a dramatic improvement. Internet Explorer absolutely flies along now." J.Bradshaw. CA. USA
"Thanks for a great no-nonsense product, the improvements are amazing"  J.Morrison PA. USA
"Downloaded fine, Unlock Key received, software is working great, even my email is faster!" Kai Von Pannier. Durban, South Africa
"I just wanted say thanks for the very good customer support.
Your product works as advertised."
J.Snow. CA. USA
"Thank You very much . I like my Full Speed™ . It really very good . One wonderful software for my windows Vista" P.Nguyen, CA, USA
"With your software I have noticed great speed increases on my 20Mb DSL. It is great software, congratulations." J.Ramirez. Spain
"I simply love your product, it works really well". Frank, CA, USA




Leader Board Results from Users of 'Full Speed™' (Aug' '09)

5 X faster Internet Explorer - G.Shaw. US
5 X faster Mozilla Firefox - Mario.G. Argentina
3 X faster downloading - K.Marr. Australia
4 X increase in peak download speeds - Bob.Wiltshire. UK

Can you beat these? Submit your results to


  What's in Full Speed™ software?

  1. 'One click and you're done' Internet Booster. With one click Full Speed™ software will optimize and safely boost Windows, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for a guaranteed faster Internet experience.
  2. Excellent Web browsing and Data speed tests and 3rd party independent speed tests. See improvements instantly.
  3. Undo option to go back to original settings; if you really want to!
  4. Print and/or save to file test results for before and after speed comparisons.
  5. Pro Booster button.
  6. Help Tips and Live Help.
  7. Very easy to understand and use. Nothing to learn or read.
  8. No technical knowledge needed, no questions, no contracts, no memberships, no subscriptions, no ads, no spy-ware, no viruses...


Screen Shots  
Full Speed boost internet speed main screen
     High Speed Internet boost with Versis Full Speed software.
High Speed Internet boost with Versis Full Speed software.

Actual User's Screen Shot
 Useful Links:
  Want more information of how to get high speed internet access?
  Here's another independent Internet speed test site to try:
  High Speed Internet Broadband Speed Test
  TIP - Do 2 or 3 speed tests with your chosen test software or site

  Please feel fee to contact us with any questions:


           Instantly Get:

           1. Overall faster Internet connection speed
           2. Faster download speeds
           3. Faster web site browsing
           4. Improve Internet and Intranet performance
           5. Quicker download times
           6. Smoother streaming music and movies
           7. Faster download for songs and video
           8. Faster performance with email
           9. Faster loading Web graphics
           10. Faster loading Web pages
           11. Faster Internet Explorer
           12. Speed test for Web site browsing
           13. Speed test for general data transfer
           14. Works for businesses or home users
           15. Improved VPN and WAN performance
           16. Increased peak download speed
           17. More consistent data transfer
           18. Better data flow efficiency
           19. Fewer corrupt downloads
           20. Works over networks
           21. Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
           22. Works over wireless
           23. Smoother surfing

           * Tested on all Broadband technologies *


"Full Speed™ is guaranteed to improve your machine's performance on the Web."



  What's new in v3.6? - it's now FREE and with NO Ads!

 1. All the data download and Web speed tests, including 3rd Party independent online speed tests built in.
 2. Even easier to use straight from installation
 3. Pro Boost button for 1Mb and above broadband users
 4. More accurate auto' optimization for PPPoA or PPPoE
 5. Bug fixes (some settings were lost after reboot - now fixed)
 6. Further enhanced booster settings
 7. New Mozilla Firefox instant boost and tests
 8. New and instant Browser speed boost, tests and progress
 9. Even easier to read and follow when running for the first time
 10. New Refresh button action to ensure no temporary files or cached files are used when refreshing a Web page during the Web speed tests.


  How does Full Speed™ work?

By default all Windows Operating Systems are configured to work  with general and average Internet and network settings to accommodate the data rate capabilities of the communications technologies that existed at the time of Window's design. Windows XP is now over 7 years old and nowadays the average speed of data on the internet and on networks is far greater than it was even a couple of years ago and so Windows Internet configurations and settings are out of date and it is the users who are taking the hit in the performance of their machines when online. Even Vista works in the same way as XP.

 The default Windows settings and configurations means that anyone with any type of Internet connection will not be receiving the Full Speed™, value or performance of their Internet connection especially with broadband.

 Full Speed™'s optimization will instantly configure your Windows Operating System and Browser for optimal high speed internet access and will configure it for the fastest performance possible for your connection.

 Full Speed™ automatically addresses more than 50 settings and tweaks them all for the best performance possible. Full Speed™ also adds/modifies system files and registry entries to get the best performance possible. The combination of all this results in amazing speed increases.

 Now you can enjoy the Full Speed™ and performance capabilities of the technology which you invested in.


  FREE BONUS - Simply run the Trial version and you will find a Top Tip in the About section on how to make a simple change to your broadband hardware which will dramatically improve your speed. This is newly discovered information which will benefit millions of Broadband users!


  Full Speed™ is Award Wining Software

High Speed Internet boost with Versis Full Speed software.

  Guaranteed NO Spy-ware or Viruses.
 There are no questions, no technical knowledge requirements, no subscriptions, no gimmicks, no contracts, no memberships, no tracking, no pop-ups, no spy-ware, no viruses, no banners, no adverts, no mal-ware, no technical speak, no calculations, nothing! ...........just an instant, one-click, no-nonsense solution to an issue which negatively affects the performance of all Windows and Broadband users.

 Also confirmed safe & clean by Trend Micro Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy-ware software.

Versis Full Speed software is clean and safe.


"There is no need to take our word for it that Full Speed™ work, do your own independent speed tests and you will see"

 Here are four quick steps to conduct an independent 'before and after' speed test:

 1. Do an independent online speed test now

 2. Install Full Speed™

 3. Apply Boost

 4. Restart PC and test again with the same software or site.


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 Versis Full Speed™ is the best buy and best performing  speed boosting software for all high speed Internet Broadband services.
Full Speed™ is free to try and will boost the performance of your computer with everything you do on the Internet.
 Full Speed™ will also boost Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox as well as all Internet activity such as data download, online games, streaming video, web searching, page loading and even network performance.
 Full Speed™ also has excellent visual and numerical speed tests to enable the user to see before and after performance improvements.
 Full Speed™ is totally automatic and needs only one click and absolutely no knowledge to get instant speed improvements.
 Full Speed™ is free from all viruses, spy-ware, contracts, pop-ups, trojans etc. etc and is in fact award winning software for being 100% clean and safe to us





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Tel: +44 (0) 141 554 0818

Our guarantee means that the Full Speed™ software will improve Windows Internet Explorer's Web page opening speed and Mozilla Firefox's Web page opening speed when browsing web sites on the Internet, compared to using the original settings of Windows. Any disputes may only be resolved by a Remote Desktop session by our support engineers to the claimant's machine in order to substantiate the disputes.

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